ulquikitten (ulquikitten) wrote in mlp_sale,

My Little Pony SALE!

Hi, I'm selling some My Little Pony merchandize:

First the super-mega-rare Funko Princess Luna Clear Glitter, new on her box:

The photo is mine I didn't take it out of the internet. If you want more photos message me.
The price is $1000

Second, a full unopend collection of We Love Fine, Chibi series II:

In this case the photo has been taken from the internet, but the set is new, each pony on their boxes, never open. I can send photos if you wish.
The price is $100

Lastrly a "16 inches costume OC pony, beautifully done!:

The price is: $300

For anybody interest, you can either message me here or email me at: silvina0811@yahoo.com.ar or yuuko.kitten@gmail.com
The payment can be made in cash or if you need to use your credit card, we can arrenge that for you

Thank you! :)
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