Penny (gdsunshine) wrote in mlp_sale,

Ponies for sale!

Hello everyone! :) I have once again managed to gather a large population of extra ponies, so it's time to cull the herd! I have reasonable prices, fast shipping, and good feedback!

Buyer pays all shipping charges. I will ship worldwide, and I will combine shipping if you buy more than one item.

I do not automatically hold items just because you ask about them. If you would like them to be put on hold, please ask. I don't mind holding things! If you don't ask for them to be put on hold, and I don't hear back from you after a couple of days, I will sell them to the next interested person.

I will trade for items from my want list.

(Note: At this time I am not interested in trading for loose G3's! I know they're on my list but it's not really a big priority for me-- I mainly use that part of my list for swaps.)

Check out the ponies I have available in my Photobucket album!

Please click on the 1st photo of each pony (the close-up one) for a detailed description. Prices are also listed in my album. Prices do not include shipping.

I will give you a discount if you buy more than 5 ponies at once from me!

I also have lots of other ponies and other toys that I haven't had a chance to list yet, I took some group shots of them, so if anyone is interested in anything here, let me know!

Wuzzles Plush:

Vintage Care Bears Plush:

Furreal Friends Puppy (still works!):

Misc. Toys:

MOC G3's:

Bait G1's:

Good Condition G1 Babies:

Good Condition G1 Adults:

Please contact me if you see anything interesting! Thanks very much for looking! :)
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That pink elephant is a Care Bear Cousin I think.
I had some trouble with some of the pages in your photobucket album. So, if something I list actually isn't for sale, please let me know.

I would like:
Sky Rocket
Princess Pristina
and from the posted FB photos
the blue princess pony
the adult sea pony

Could you please give me the price and condition of the last two. The first two I will take for sure, so if you would hold all of them, I'd appreciate it!

I'm kaioumichiru on ebay if you need to check feedback. Once you send prices and conditions on the last two, I'll have your $$ paypal-ed to you same day.
Hi! :) Thank you for writing to me about the ponies... All of them are still available except for the white sea pony-- she has been sold.

Here is a description of the blue Princess pony (Princess Royal Blue):

She has no haircuts, and no missing plugs. Her hair is dry at the ends, and the tinsel is crinkled. Light surface dirt on body. Head does not turn. No cancer, pindot, or brown discoloration dots. Some faded black scuff marks are underneath her hooves. Has several tiny marks on both head and body. More major marks include: a couple small faded grey lines on forehead, white paint? over one eye, and a small thin line on both front and back of her neck. Also has a small faded blue line on non-display side. Little to no scratching on her medallion symbols. No rubs to her eye paint, but her blush has some slight rubs on both cheeks.
Price: $4

Please email me at if you are still interested in buying these ponies. Thanks very much! :)