Penny (gdsunshine) wrote in mlp_sale,

Ponies for sale!

Hello everyone! :) I have once again managed to gather a large population of extra ponies, so it's time to cull the herd! I have reasonable prices, fast shipping, and good feedback!

Buyer pays all shipping charges. I will ship worldwide, and I will combine shipping if you buy more than one item.

I do not automatically hold items just because you ask about them. If you would like them to be put on hold, please ask. I don't mind holding things! If you don't ask for them to be put on hold, and I don't hear back from you after a couple of days, I will sell them to the next interested person.

I will trade for items from my want list.

(Note: At this time I am not interested in trading for loose G3's! I know they're on my list but it's not really a big priority for me-- I mainly use that part of my list for swaps.)

Check out the ponies I have available in my Photobucket album!

Please click on the 1st photo of each pony (the close-up one) for a detailed description. Prices are also listed in my album. Prices do not include shipping.

I will give you a discount if you buy more than 5 ponies at once from me!

I also have lots of other ponies and other toys that I haven't had a chance to list yet, I took some group shots of them, so if anyone is interested in anything here, let me know!

Wuzzles Plush:

Vintage Care Bears Plush:

Furreal Friends Puppy (still works!):

Misc. Toys:

MOC G3's:

Bait G1's:

Good Condition G1 Babies:

Good Condition G1 Adults:

Please contact me if you see anything interesting! Thanks very much for looking! :)
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