Aridia (faithinpoison) wrote in mlp_sale,

Variety of Ponys up for auction

Hello everyone,
I'm currently selling off part of my rather extensive collection to fund the start up of my clothing line.
(, we specialize in costumes/cosplay, Elegant Gothic Lolita, and dark fashions)

There is a variety of G3's currently listed with many more G3's and G1's to be listed soon.
Auctions here

Soon to be listed:
G1s -
Celebrate Sea pony
Royal Purple Princess Pony
Baby Tiddley Winks
Rose dust and Forget-me-not flutter ponys (without wings)
Baby Sea Shimmer Fancy Mermaid pony
Newborn Shaggy

G3 -
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Sunny Daze (2 poses)
and many more.

Hope to find these guys loving homes!
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