bishie_shop (bishie_shop) wrote in mlp_sale,

G1 girls for sale

I'm trying to scrape together the cash to get my bunny spayed, so I have a few of my older ponies available for sale.

Next, Twice as Fancy Sugarberry. Her hair is dry, and she has some perma-dirt on the bottom edges of her feet, but she is all-in-all in really good condition, given her age. I'd like $10 for her.

Last up is Tossels. I can't remember what the line name is for these girls, but when you squeeze her middle, her tail spins around. She is in PERFECT, clean condtion, and her hair is nice. Asking $15 for her.

I ship ponies in bubble mailers, and it's $3.50 for one inside the US.
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