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Selling My Little Pony Necklaces


I've been a My Little Pony fan since the 80s. I go by ScoopGirl79 on all my groups I'm on. I'm a fan of a lot of things, right now its MLP, and has been since I was a child. I'm new to the group, and have started to make MLP necklaces. So far I've made Apple Jack. All the information is below. I remember having many of the toys as a child, now I'm making jewelry to sell. Here is what I will be selling under the cut if anyone is interested. I will be making more.

Also let me know if this is the right journal to post this type of item here.

Apple Jack necklace: video of jewelry is under cut.

I'm very happy with this necklace. Apple jack turned out amazing after working on her for four hours. Used acrylic paint on her markings and eyes. Also glazed her. Made two clay apple beads to go on the necklace. Total amount of time on it four hours.

I'm selling my Apple Jack Necklace at $25.00 through my PayPal account:

Time: Four hours
Paint: Acrylic
Wire: Silver Plated
Beads: glass and clay
Size of pony: 1 inch

I'm selling her for $25.00 total amount with shipping is: $26.90. I take PayPal as payment:

please contact me if you are interested in this pony or any other pony. I will be making more.

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