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My Little Pony Selling Community

Sell/trade/buy MLP's here!

My Little Pony Sales
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for selling/trading and buying all types of My Little Ponies. Please read the rules below, and they will explain why you must be added manually to the group. :)


1) Make an intro post. We want to know about you! Tell us what your name is on other MLP forums (Arena, TP, etc.), if it's different from your LJ one. Give us your run down on your collection, what you grail pony is, etc. Doesn't have to be long, just be descriptive. :)

I would like this group to thrive, and in order to thrive, I would like each of us to be able to trust each other. To that end, we move on to #2.

2) Trust is a very hard thing to earn back after it's lost. So don't lose it in the first place. We are counting on each other to report who has been a great person to deal with, and who has scammed you, in an appropriate manner. Don't use L33t speak (PLEASE, for my sanity!) and don't stoop to a low level when calling out a scammer. You only make yourself look bad to the rest of us.

3) Trouble-making or scamming will not be tolerated. Don't start flame wars, that'll just earn you a kick out the door. If you are a scammer or planning to be one, then leave. We'll sniff you out eventually, anyway.

4) You are free to post your wishlists, what you have for sale, auction links (that are your own!), what your holy grail pony is at the moment (you never know, someone might have it for sale!), even what you found at the flea market. Anything relating to pony sales/trades/wants is welcome!

5) You may sell stuff that is NOT MLP in this community, as long as it is in a post that is also selling ponies. I'm always on the lookout for unusual anime merchandise, so any sales of it I see, I'm interested in, and sometimes it turns up in the most unusual places. :) No adult stuff, though, ok?


Any questions, comments, and cookies may be mailed to me at darcerin AT gmail DOT com. My door is always open, I just might not be home. :)